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June Newsletter

I'm sure you are in the midst of the Jubilee weekend celebrations and hope you are enjoying the sunshine and party atmosphere...

A huge big welcome to June…

I’m sure you are in the midst of the Jubilee weekend celebrations and hope you are enjoying the sunshine and party atmosphere. I’m loving all the bunting and flags that have appeared locally, they just bring a smile and serve as a wonderful reminder that throughout all that has happened over the last couple of years and indeed, what is still happening in Ukraine, community spirit is alive and well and so many people are prepared to give something to support others. Wishing you a wonderful Jubilee Bank Holiday Weekend xx

Glass wise, I have been busy creating a commemorative piece of glass art for my local Community. I had been asked if I could design a piece to celebrate the Jubilee that could be hung in the local Village Hall. It really was quite humbling to be asked but also very exciting. I eventually settled on a design incorporating the purple colours of the Platinum Jubilee emblem but adding the flowers that are very much a part of my own designs. The 3 panels were mounted in an oak frame and the piece has been hung ready for Sunday’s big street party event. The comments received have been very positive and I feel truly honored that a piece of my work will be a permanent feature in the Hall for years to come.

Commission Work - Contemporary Fused Glass Designs
Commission Work - Contemporary Fused Glass Designs
Commission Work - Contemporary Fused Glass Designs

I am just so humbled that my work has been recognised in this way – Thank you so much Polstead, I smile every time I think about it xx

New Garden Designs….

I have also been working on some new designs for the garden, I love mixing the plants with little pieces of art and have been working on some bird and fish garden stake pieces. The glass is mounted in steel frames that will survive our ‘British’ weather and can stay outside all year round adding a little colour and hopefully bringing a smile as they pop out from the greenery! Please do contact me if you would like to buy one for your garden. They are available to pick up from me only as postage is difficult owing to the size of the stake but if you’re heading to Suffolk and fancy a visit to my studio you’ll be very welcome and a cup of tea is always available.

Fish stakes are priced at £95 and Birds at £110

Contemporary Fused Glass Designs for Home and Garden

Polstead Cherries and an Infamous Murder!

Did you know?…..

My local village is famous for the wonderful cherries that are grown locally. Although actual ‘Polstead’ cherries are quite rare these days, the local fruit farms grow newer varieties and I can vouch for the wonderful size and flavour having bought and eaten quite a few last year! – I certainly will be buying some more of the locally grown cherries this year from the local Farmer’s markets and can’t wait for cherry season to begin.

Polstead is also the center of a murderous historical event that took place in 1827. A young woman, Maria Marten, was shot dead by her lover, William Corder, her body buried in the barn where they had arranged to meet and then only discovered months later when Maria’s Mother had a dream in which she saw her daughter’s grave. The barn was searched and the grizzly discovery made. Corder meanwhile, had fled the scene and married another woman whom he had advertised for in the local paper. He was arrested and found guilty of murder for which the punishment was hanging. Perhaps the most grizzy part of this tale is the fact that his skin was then used to make the cover of a book detailing the events of the murder! Head to Bury St Edmunds Museum to take a look!

June Newsletter - Little Lime Design Co
June Newsletter - Little Lime Design Co

Events this Month

For those of you who would like to visit a craft fair or event this month, you can find me at the following fairs:

11th and 12th June, 2022

Art Unequalled, Ely

Art Unequalled is an event to showcase and celebrate super Art and Craft. Held over 2 days at The Maltings in Ely it really is a feast of creative work. Hope to see you there.

19th June, 2022

We Are Handmade Craft Event, Long Melford.

10am – 4pm. All products available are made by hand and the makers will be available on the day to chat about how they create their wonderful goodies.

26th June, 2022

Boxford Farmer’s and Artisan Craft Market, 10 – 1pm.

Come along for the monthly selection of superb foodie stalls and quality crafts all handmade. A lovely atmosphere guaranteed.

June Newsletter - Little Lime Design Co

Make of the Month

Two lovely ladies joined me for their very first glass workshop this month and made these stunning flower panels – I just love that both pieces were made in the same style but turn out completely different owing to the creativity of the person making. I really do love sharing my love of glass for this very reason, workshop makes inspire me to try new designs too and are truly a lot of fun. If you fancy having a go please do contact me for dates and more details.

July Newsletter - Little Lime Design Co

Wishing you all a wonderful June xx Please do contact me if you need any information or just want to say ‘Hello’ – until next month xx

Best Wishes,

Veronica xx

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